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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shamrock Girl Tut

Artwork by Ismael Rac. You need a license to use hit artwork and it can be purchased at AMI
Scrapkit called St. Patty by Fantasy Moments and you can get it HERE
Mask by me and you can download it below.

Open FM_St-Patty-Element-49. Duplicate, close the original. Resize by 80%. Use magic wand and select the middle of the frame. Selections/modify/expand by 2. Open paper of choice. I used 17. Copy and paste as new layer. Selections/Invert and delete. Deselect. Drag the paper layer below the frame layer.

With the frame layer activated duplicate. On the duplicated layer resize again by 80. Free Rotate by 25 degrees. Adjust/Sharpen. Use Magic Wand and select inside the smaller frame layer. Selections/Modify by 2. Add a new layer. Use 2 colors from your tube and chose the foreground/background gradient and flood fill. Drag that layer below the small frame layer. Do not Deselect.

Copy and paste your closeup tube as a new layer. Position where desired then go to selections/invert and hit delete. Deselect. You can play with some filters or layer options here. On mine I did Xero radiance and then layer properties Luminance (L) and lowered the opacity to 75.

Once you got that part looking the way you want go to layers/merge all visible.
Add a new layer and flood fill it with a dark color of your choice. Load mask CJC_Shamrockmask1. Merge group and drag below your frame layer. Now you can add any elements you like. This is where you can use your creativity.
Once you are done you can add a full image tube in the frount or just leave it like it is.
Don't forget the most important part and that is the Credits!

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